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When A Storm Is Headed Our Way

Oak River Properties is very concerned about your safety, so please take these storms serious. If your home has been provided with storm shutters it is your responsibility to install them as per your lease. We advise you to take every precaution possible to protect you, your family and home. Make sure that there is plenty of water and food to sustain your family for a minimum of three days (we recommend two weeks). Before the storm arrives remove items from the yard and secure them in the garage or storage area. Remember that during a storm you are basically locked inside the home, be very careful of volatile substances such as gasoline, paint, etc. If these items leak during the storm the fumes from these chemicals will most likely penetrate the air you and your family could be breathing! Sometimes we go through the great effort of preparing for a storm and then it changes its path away from us. We feel that it is better to be well prepared than not be prepared at all!

After The Storm

We hope that all the precautions that you took was well worth it. Your safety is very important to us. Please take the time to write a list of any damages and report it to Oak River Properties as soon as possible. We will process this and coordinate the service with our VENDOR, Claims Adjuster, and/or Landlord. This can be a time where it feels like nothing is getting done, please keep in mind that your home most likely is not the only home damaged by the storm. Please know that we are prepared ahead of time to deal with the possible mass amount of work needed to be done after a storm. Another time consumer is the availability of materials. Your patience is so greatly appreciated. You can always update us about any changes in the damages.