Maintenance Is Easy

Please call as soon as there is an issue. We want to address your request right away. Our staff of friendly, highly experienced professionals will be happy to assist you. All maintenance issues are just a phone call to our office, know that your home is being managed professionally.

Need A Repair

That is easy, just give us call 772-589-2879 OR e-mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR click CONTACT US to leave the information. That will be processed right away during normal business hours. Emergencies are processed _______ Remember these are considered emergencies: no water when home is serviced by a well, broken locks, window locks or a broken garage door and/or automatic garage door opener, no heat, hot water tank is leaking, major water leaks, including broken pipes or seriously clogged drains that could flood the premises, gas leaks, electrical shorts or sparking, or any other condition which the LEASEE may deem life-threatening or pose a threat of harm to the premises, no air conditioning ONLY provided the LESSEE has PRE-REGISTERED a physicians letter stating a legal occupant of the premises has a medical condition which can be aggravated by excess heat. All other maintenance issues are taken care of during normal business hours/days. We will set an appointment with you and the VENDORS. Remember, if an appointment is set and you can not be there let us know at least four hours before to avoid a $50 No-Show Fee.